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  • Destiny - Taken King (PS4)
    If you've grown weary of Skyforge and it's 3 days of fun 4 days of boredom; and you've a PS4 system at your disposal.

    You should pick up Destiny - Taken King (PS4) and give yourself something to do other than twiddling your thumbs on the off days of Skyforge. I went ahead and caved on the thought by purchasing it two days ago. I was a bit shocked to see so many ID members playing the game already from the ones I saw online.


    Known Playstation IDs
    Crauser_ (Crauser)
    Kinnster175 (Kinnster)
    Matthew Mule (Vlad_Teh_Impaler)
    Remius99 (Remius)
    Zurilia (Zurilia)
    Dartanubis (Dart)
    n909buckshot (Osiris)
    pineapples (TehGreat)
    tuanie_ (Tuanie)
    viralz608 - (Viral)
    joker327 (Oat)
    deserrtfoxx (Sakari)
    Cynuous (Cynuous)

    Sadly Skyforge has turned out to be quite a drag albeit it could change so we're not going anywhere and this will still be our go to MMORPG. But, any good guild has side games to maintain interest and Taken King can be one of those side games along with others down the line. So jump on your PS4, purchase, download, and lets rock n' roll. Outside of Destiny/Skyforge I'm working on promoting individuals within the guild and teaching them the ways of leadership so that we can have a strengthened council overseeing the guild.

    The best part about Destiny is it has PvP and PvE that we can participate in as a group!!! OH MY GOD! That extreme lacking feature in Skyforge is present in an FPS Console Lobby game.

    Plus... We gotta get any interested in playing Star Citizen; skilled in the arts of FPS combat. We can't be putting rifles in hands of the inexperienced.

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