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  • Albion Online

    Hear ye, Hear ye!

    All Imitatio Dei members old & young. Those of us in Albion invite you to partake in this fantasy sandbox adventure! We have amassed 55 individuals and are continuing to grow! We are amassing an army of [ID] that will surpass any legendary markings we accomplished in the past.

    The world of Albion will run red with the chaos that we ensue throughout the land.

    This will be our long term fantasy adventure with Star Citizen being our long term Sci-Fi adventure. Measures are being put in place so that we will ALWAYS have a place in Albion for years to come.

    Join us on Teamspeak as it's bustling with players.

    Spend $30.00 USD and grab a package today!

    Register via this link and when you buy the game it'll give me some extra gold that I can use for the guild come launch.
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